So happy you found my blog.  I’m Laura Rice and I am addicted to home renovation……the classic Cinderella story.  It is the process of the transformation that I found so appealing and the finished project so rewarding.

I have been renovating since my husband and I purchased our first home in 1995.  It all started with paint, a salvaged fireplace mantel, and a kitchen with worn out cabinets and appliances.  We recently partnered with our neighbors to convert a beautiful Queen Anne from a 2-flat into a single family home.  We just sold this project house, so I have officially ‘flipped’ my first house.  It’s time to refocus attention on my own home and I have several projects planned.  I’m also scheming another large-scale project, so please stay tuned.

I am new to blogging (better late than never), but thought it would be a great way to share my project adventures with family and friends, near and far, old and new.

Behind every project, within every house, and surrounding every recipe are amazing stories.  My intent is to give these stories a voice as I paint, remodel, repurpose, plant, harvest, can, bake and brew.

I hope you find inspiration among my pages.  I look forward to your comments and feedback.

All my best, Laura


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