My Kobenstyle Casserole filled with Gumbo.

Brilliant! The casserole lid doubles as a trivet.

I have ‘known’ Kobenstyle Enamel casserole cookware my entire life.  My mom received a set as a shower gift when she married 50-years ago.

Growing up, this cookware meant special events and celebration food.  My mom stored her most beloved Christmas cookies in her Kobenstyle.  This isn’t her Linzer recipe, but close enough and good reviews!

My mom used her Kobenstyle to entertain company and I remember many appearances in the dining room, which was reserved for special occasions with family and friends.   Some of my favorite Kobenstyle memories are Gumbo and Mushroom Soup.

Growing up, I didn’t understand how much I associated the Kobenstyle casserole cookware with great food and good times.  Unfortunately, my parents divorced and the Kobenstyle cookware was lost!!!!  I went off to college, married, and started cooking for a family of my own.  I had some great enamelware from Crate and Barrel, which I also received as shower gifts.  I loved the light weight and versatility, but cleaning caked on food left the bottoms scratched and eventually I had to retire these dutch ovens.  About 2-years years ago, I opened a catalog I received in the mail and was delighted to find Kobenstyle cookware.  What a flood of great memories!  I had to have it!  The fabulous stock pot is available in 6-Quart4-Quart; and 2-Quart sizes.

Italian Wedding Meatball Soup.

One pot mac-and-cheese Easy, creamy, andso delicious!

My mom had the teal version.  Very mid-century modern color, I think.  It seams teal items are still available, but the black works better for me.  I love cooking with my Kobenstyle casseroles.  Le Creuset dutch ovens are also nice, but they are so heavy.   They are difficult to manage manage with food, they are difficult to clean, and they are EXPENSIVE.  Kobenstyle is a good fit for my lifestyle….affordable, super easy to clean, lightweight so you can easily manage the transfer from oven to table, and how cool is it that the lid doubles as a trivet.  So practical and stylish.






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