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Dansk cookware

Light-weight and durable.  From refrigerator to oven and easy to wash.  My mom received a set as a bridal shower gift over 50-years and they are still cooking strong!  Available in a variety of formats, sizes, and colors.


The 12 Week Year

I am currently reading The 12 Week Year.  I can’t wait to implement the strategies I am learning to become more efficient at executing on my dreams, interests, and passions.

Services and other resources

Amazon Prime

I cannot live without Amazon Prime.  Love the books, music, TV, photo & video storage.  When we were rehabbing a house, I even ordered a toilet, sink, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, door knobs and just about anything else the job required.  Can’t beat free, fast, front/back door delivery.  Can’t wait for grocery service.  I’m in!!!!