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Dansk cookware

Lighter-weight and durable.  From refrigerator to oven and easy to wash.  My mom received a set as a bridal shower gift over 50-years and they are still cooking strong!  Available in a variety of formats, sizes, and colors.  Read more about Dansk Cookware.

Home Decor

Antique Farmhouse

A collection of unique items for your home.



Love Your Space Action Steps Workbook

The Love Your Space Action Steps Workbook has to be one of my favorite resources to organize, clean, declutter, and decorate my home on a budget.   Mess = Stress.  This workbook breaks down the process into manageable steps to help you create a functional space you can be be proud of and enjoy.  Gabby describes the psychology around some of our actions and feelings regarding cleaning and decluttering.  Now I understand why I procrastinate!Love your home again

The 12 Week Year

The 12 Week Year provides a great strategy to be more efficient in order to get things done.  I really liked the concept of connecting my tasks with my dreams, interests, and passions.  Keeping my longer-term goals in mind really helps me avoid procrastination.

Services and other resources

Amazon Prime

I cannot live without Amazon Prime.  Love the books, music, TV, photo & video storage.  When we were rehabbing a house, I even ordered a toilet, sink, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, door knobs and just about anything else the job required.  Can’t beat free, fast, front/back door delivery.  Can’t wait for grocery service.  I’m in!!!!