When you grow your own vegetables, you begin to understand the seasonal order of produce.  In my farming experience, September is a great time to harvest onions, leeks, and peppers.   I love red onions.  I love them in salad, on sandwiches, and in just about anything I can think of.  One of my most favorite ways to eat red onions is to caramelize them with brown sugar and then simmer them in wine with balsamic vinegar.  Here’s a link for a great ‘drunken onion’ canning recipe.  I don’t stray much on this one.  So simple and delicious.  These onions are fabulous on sandwiches and brats or other sausages.  My favorite way to eat these onions is on top of a baguette slice with goat cheese.  Yum!  Great flavor contrast……slightly sour cheese with the sweet onions.  Patrick doesn’t like goat cheese and sometimes it’s not readily available, so cream cheese is a good alternative.



This year we also had a harvest of Mexican Gherkins.  They are about the size of a grape and are great for just poppin’ in your mouth for a snack, but we had so many I thought I would can them using my Blue Ribbon pickle recipe.  I will use these as part of the garnish for bloody Mary’s.  I also made another batch of Taqueria Carrots and used the leftover vinegar-herb solution to can jalapeno slices.  These always come in handy when serving nachos during the fall and winter.


Beautiful fall day.  Busy day of canning.

Take care.  Laura

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