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I love decorating for Halloween.  I try to limit my Halloween shopping splurges, but this year I really wanted a nice wreath for my front porch.  It’s easy to find beautiful wreaths on-line and in catalogs.  However, I couldn’t justify spending $50-100 on a wreath I would only display for a few weeks.

I gave myself a budget of $20 and decided to see what I could create with my own imagination and a little effort.  I stopped at the Dollar Store on my way home from work to see if I could find any unusual, spooky items to inspire a Halloween wreath of my own.  They always have interesting, low cost items for all of the holidays.  I had barely stepped into the store when I discovered these fantastic glitter tarantulas in perfect Halloween colors.  I even found matching glitter ribbon.  The ‘crow’ feather boas were over the top.  I had to have them.  I had a plan!  I couldn’t find anything at the Dollar Store to use for the base, so I did order the straw wreath on-line.

Excluding glue sticks, I spent about $12.50 on the wreath and it took about 30-minutes to collect all of the supplies and assemble the wreath.  Ok!  Maybe a little longer if you count my bow preparation practice runs.  Well worth the small cost and effort.  Now I won’t feel bad if I want new decor and come up with even better ideas for next year.  I had fun in the collection and preparation phase.  Who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt?  In the end, I’m pretty proud of my work.  Hope the trick or treaters like it!


DIY Wreath Supplies

Preparation Steps (It really is this easy friends):

Step 1:  Spread hot glue on the surface of straw wreath and secure the end of feather boa to the wreath.

DIY spooky wreath tutorial

Step 2:  Continue to spread glue.  Wind the boa around the wreath as you go.  Adjust spacing to ensure you have enough material to cover the entire surface of the straw wreath.  I recommend a quick practice wrap before gluing, to get a feel for the spacing required.

DIY spooky wreath tutorial

Step 3:  Spread hot glue on top of feathers and secure tarantulas or other ‘spooky’ items.  For example, you could use mini skulls (with or without a coat of glitter).

Step 4:  Wrap ribbon around the wreath 3-4 times and secure with hot glue.  This will provide a nice background for the bow.

DIY spooky wreath tutorial

Step 5:  Tie bow and hot glue to ribbon on wreath base.  Here is a great loopy bow tutorial for tying this kind of bow.  Be patient.  It takes a little practice to get the ribbon twist down.  You see my third attempt below.  My kitchen counter still has purple glitter evidence.  Maybe feathers too!  Enjoy!

DIY spooky wreath tutorial

Safety tip: 

Hot glue is HOT!   Be careful not to burn your fingers when you are pressing items into the melted glue.


DIY Spooky Halloween