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I took a little break, but have been busy with remodel projects and vacation.

When we renovated the Locke-Marchialette home next door and created a master bath from the second floor kitchen, I had the opportunity to ‘experiment’ with marble tile that I had long admired.  I love the classic look of the Carrara marble.  We installed a beautiful herringbone pattern on the shower floor.  A great neutral template.  What do you think?


We sold the ‘project house’ back in May and I have been missing that wonderful tile.  My 3″ white porcelain hexagon tiles weren’t cutting it.  The grout was cracked in places and the final straw was a leaking toilet seal.  The perfect excuse for a bathroom remodel.  Pat was on board…..let the demo begin.  Shhhhh…..I’ll get to scope crepe later.

I did like the hexagon pattern in my bath, so I elected for a 1″ Carrara marble hexagon tile.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a great before picture.  My brother (aka contractor) was too efficient with the deconstruction phase and honestly, who takes pictures of their bathroom????   He did have to replace the subfloor due to the water leak.  You can see the new subfloor below.  I forgot how messy deconstruction can by.  I highly recommend tarps to isolate the construction dust.  I was on an anti-dust mission and used 4 tarps to isolate the bath and protect nearby hallways, stairwells, and rooms from dust.  I found tarps at the local dollar store…….score!  I definitely need to save every dime with project scope crepe out of control.  Hey, at least he vacuumed up a lot of the mess.


I love how the tile looks now that the floor is completed.  We selected a gray grout to highlight the gray in the marble and make dirt less noticeable.  Much better than the very light gray grout prior to the project, which was difficult to keep clean.  The threshold is also improved.  Only two materials: wood flooring and tile.  Prior to the renovation, there was a dark wood threshold in between.  Totally scuffed by the wheels of the vacuum cleaner….ughhh!


I did reuse the lovely pedestal sink and spent way too much time searching for the perfect toilet.  Is it wrong to reference toilets by name?  My ‘go to’ toilet is Memoirs by Kohler.   I love the elegant shape of the toilet and sink.  We used the Memoirs toilet in the Locke-Marchiallette home.  For this project, I needed a round toilet and went with the American Standard Esteem Vormax model.  Labored over many options and reviews.

Old is becoming new again!


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