Bathroom looks amazing and this project is very close to completion.

I love the fixtures I found on Signature Hardware.    They have some pretty cool stuff for every style.  Check out the granite and marble sink basins!  Too cool!  Great selection, packaging, and customer service.  Prices are fair for the quality.  Definitely better than what you find at the big box stores.  I’m reminded of this everyday when I use my kitchen sink.  Needed something quick for an emergency replacement.  I’m thinking a kitchen remodel is in my not too distant future.  Already scheming and dreaming!!!!

The oil rubbed bronze finish on the new fixtures blends nicely with the antique brass shower curtain surround.  The hand shower will be very handy for dog showers.  I am so happy we chose the marble.  It looks perfect in our Victorian home.  I love the marble ‘slab’ on top of the cabinet.  I like the smooth surface vs the square tiles that were there prior to the renovation.  Very elegant.  The light shining through the leaded glass window creates a beautiful light show during the evening hours.


img_3921     img_3922img_3923

What’s left?  I removed the drawers in favor of open shelving.  I will paint the interior and buy some baskets, but I hope this doesn’t end up looking too cluttered.  I do need to touch up some of the wainscoting and trim paint.  Wall paint needs to be touched up as well.  Thinking I might repaint in a different color.  I’m feeling like the blue is too casual for the new tile and overall style of the bathroom.  Stay tuned!  I am certainly open to recommendations.  After that, it’s just new towels and maybe new switch plates and outlet covers.  I came across brass aging solution on-line.  I do like to experiment, so I might give that a try before outright replacement.  This approach could come in handy for some of the other non-antique brass fixtures in my home.

I’ll post the final before and after pictures as soon as I wrap this project up.  I do have a couple of distractions: a dresser I need to paint this weekend and I probably need to get another batch of canning in before everything starts to die off at the farm.  Hoping for another big batch of tomatoes.  The last batch of Bloody Mary mix turned out amazing.  More on my Bloody Mary mix experiments soon.

take care!


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