When visiting southern California, I love the pickled vegetables that are served alongside the chips and salsa in Mexican restaurants.  Nice crunch, with a spicy bite.  I hope you have had the chance to sample these veggies during your culinary adventures.  If not, make them yourself and share with your family and friends.

Seems to me that carrots are more of a late spring/early summer harvest.  However, we kept sprinkling new seeds in the ground at our farm plot and ended up with an abundance of ‘carnival carrots’ in August.  I love the mix of colors: orange, yellow, and even red.  Timing worked out perfectly with a good harvest of jalapenos, onions, and garlic.  Last year this recipe was new to my canning rotation, but Taqueria Carrots are now part of my canning repertoire.




Here’s my favorite recipe for Taqueria Pickled Carrots.  The ingredient list is short and simple.  However, I do highly recommend Mexican oregano.  The flavor is unique.  I had no problem finding this at local grocery stores.  You really don’t need too many canning supplies or special techniques, so this is a great recipe for beginners.  Another bonus – clear canning instructions.  I like to serve these pickled veggies in a small bowl with toothpicks for stabbing and eating.  It’s fun to tailor the toothpick holder for the occasion.  Didn’t know what to do with all those souvenir shot glasses?!?!?!  They have a purpose!  I found the cute mermaid ‘garnish’ at World Market.  I have seen all kinds of fun cocktail glass garnishes, but without a doubt the mermaids are my favorite.


I was pretty impressed with my carrots until a friend from Finland shared a Facebook post with this…….I am definitely up to the challenge.  Think I might need a new set of kitchen gadgets!


Photo from: Avantgardens

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